User on Hello everyone! I'm new here. My interests include crocheting, gardening and electronics. Looking forward to sharing tips with you all!

*One month later*

User: Capitalism must fall sooner rather than later, or else it will take our planet with it. We must dispose of the Capitalist pigs now. No cops, no borders, no landlords. The time for revolution is coming. This vegan curry I just made is delicious.

Since everyone loves the stegosaur I'll post it saying a random anarchist quote everyday from now on

New rice :D
Also cleaned up my dotfiles repo, and used my new gallery system + a git release

did my roommate and I build a DnD map display table out of an old TV? yes

fortune anarchism | cowsay -f $(ls /usr/share/cowsay/cows | shuf -n 1)

shell magick to give you a random cowsay character giving you an anarchist quote.
now to put this on my wallpaper every once in a while, automatically

hmm do I
1. rice
2. change the theme

vote on your phones now

*black mirror voice* oi m8, wot if loike, youre dick had a go at answering that question?

fuuu there was a peer for The Crossing ep 4 but now they're gone and im stuck at 60%

I made this account to post updates about what I do in my Tech/Administration AS roles, and perhaps debug if something breaks :p


Best way to move instances on #Mastodon:

On your OLD account:

1. Export your follows, mutes and blocks: go to Settings, then Data Export, then download the CSV files (you do NOT need to request an archive to do this!)

2. Set your old account to redirect to the new one: go to Settings, then Edit Profile, then "Move To A Different Account" (at bottom of screen)

On your NEW account:

3. Upload your follows, mutes and blocks: go to Settings, then Import, then upload the CSV files


"why wont any girls hit on me?" I ask as I string razorwire around the exterior of my squat windowless home on its defensible ridge.

"why doesn't anyone think i'm sexy?" i ponder as i smash every mirror and camera in the house and appear only as a shimmering apparition to the living

#Tech #racism #sexism #SquareSpace #website

@kavbojka shared a really good read on the racism/sexism going on over at Square Space. Its 100% worth a read and furious anger pacing in your living room.

the-arecibo-response vs. pareidolia (seed: 26181)

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