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Im using my (normally bluethooth) headset with the aux cable again, and I have to *carry* my laptop around when I want to move, jeeez

Top comf. enjoying some minecraft, while the warm storm wind blows in and spreads the smell of rain

everyone on is Dutch and you can't convince me otherwise

"Mastodon server test result"

There are 227 (-4) Cloudflared #Mastodon on the internet.
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#TheGreatCloudwall #privacy #Pleroma #fediverse

I’ve expressed concern about the casual way that Extinction Rebellion exposes its participants to police brutality and arrest.
Of the responses to that, by far the most disturbing were several people who claimed that it was okay because those arrested were ‘privileged’.

I wrote a thingy about that:

@foks @Ferretsyndicate I can get behind anything covered in rainbow LEDs ☺️

reprogramming Teslas so they identify and drive over Musk "by accident"

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Does anyone have any idea where a fuse might be??? I've checked the boiler but it's not in there

so some of the lovely folks over at Extinction Rebellion got cops involved after they thought two young men were pickpocketing, the police searched them and found nothing, then they proceeded to do an immigration check. nothing came of it, but a reminder that remaining friendly with cops as an organisation that purports to support the interests of people of colour is not only actively harmful but just plain ridiculous

Finally have time to update some things, let's hope nothing breaks, and expect some downtime :)

DIY of the day:
If you look through a box of old computer cables there's a 99% chance you'll find a a very steampunk transgender pendant there complete with holes to become a necklace.

(idea coined by Dutch transactivist vreer over a decade ago)

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