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by the way, here's yesterday's This Week In Matrix article, featuring Neo and lots of other interesting Matrix thingies

@foks If you are doing a project and not making mistakes and learning new things, then it's not a good project. Learn stuff! Write awful code! Make a mess!

It's the best way to improve, and you can go back and refactor it all later :)

More progress, just in time for the This Week In Matrix deadline (will post article later).

I started implementing matrix-js-sdk, which can already authenticate, and display m.text and m.image events in your rooms :)

try it at:

So far the only thing that broke slightly is , the toot timestamp overlaps and mixes with my username

Thanks to @lunaterra adding so many emoji's I can just start with a : and usually find whatever I would want

Anyone interested in buying MTG cards for less than you would have to pay for them online? I kind of want to sell my collection; I don't really play IRL anymore and I have several grand worth of cards just laying around; I could really use that money for improving my mental health, making sure I can pay for my car and my medication, etc.

I have a large collection and a lot of cards, so feel free to ask for what you want. Lots of expensive EDH cards, as well as a few signed ones from when I was working at Mox.

Anyways, hit me up if you want cards :blobuwu:

one issue with how I do development; I try to to do it as 'good' as possible. Which ends up costing me a lot of time. And with my limited coding experience I doubt I'd even be doing it in the best way :/

I saw this cross the timeline but immediately lost who sent it, so can't boost/reply
Looks like a nice alternative to Kdenlive, might try for my next quadcopter video

Did some dev after positive reactions on my post yesterday.
There's now m.image support and proper HTML sanitization

just shipped my first two orders, we sold some addons at costprice.
Still an interesting feel

It's an addon that rotates and multiplies the (shitty) addon connector on hacker badges

This is what first got me into drum and bass, this one mix by Pythius

now that I've put this on, I don't think im gonna be sleeping any time soon :/

note to self: don't play youtube videos inside mastodon, you'll blast your ears off

also tfw put "@ me with Drum and Bass TUNES" in my (ridiculously large) bio but I've yet to encounter Drum and Bass fans on the fedi

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