First class train seats are kinda stupid tbh. They're like 75% empty but a lot of people have to stand since the normal seating is full...

@foks I have a non visible hip problem. Buying a 1st class ticket makes that I can sit without having to explain to people why I need to sit, because sometimes that’s just not what you want, and it isn’t really anyone’s business. So to me it’s not stupid!

@whakkee Well, it's still bad that you have to pay (a lot) extra for this, it might be better solved with a certain amount of reserved seats, not half of the train.
Or allowing others to sit there until someone with a specific card/ticket comes. This already works well in international and British trains with reserved seats

@foks because I am “too good” for such a card, that wouldn’t work for me, although on certain days standing hurts a lot. With reserved seats, you still have to ask, which often feels like a burden. Despite having that hip problem, I don’t like to have a label on me. People can be very judgmental. I’d rather pay extra to avoid that, even though that is in a way also problematic.

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