I'm struggling to find out if there's a point to me making a Matrix client, like I've been doing with Neo.

It's going to be web based for sure, because those are the technologies I like using. This already drastically shrinks the target audience, because all people want is native applications. And there's some alright projects for that already i guess.

On the other hand, there have been some people interested in the project, even trying to use the v3 version and finding that it's broken.

It's very hard for me to find motivation to work on it like this, because people being interested, and benefitting from my work is a big reason why I like programming so much.

Building and maintaining a client is a huge timesink, which becomes hard to justify if there's no benefit. People are interested, sure, but I've never had a donation for example, or otherwise heard that people truly want this.

So for the small niche that exists between wanting to use a web client, but not use Riot, what is there to provide? What are you missing in Riot, what do you want.

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@foks someone i know is working on a fork of riot, they've added stuff such as custom emojis (embedded images with markdown)

@lynnesbian ah yes, @dev_ponies I've looked into the Riot sources before. It's doable to add functionality like that, but not really to fix how bulky and bloated it feels/is. Same goes for the matrix-react-sdk, which is basically just made for Riot.

@foks just gonna be frank - i do _not_ see the point in an additional web client. sounds like an uphill battle without much gain. however, i like the way you are talking about this, and your honesty, so best of luck, and hope you prove me wrong!

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