crosspost from @matrix since their instance is currently down:

We’ve taken down the servers which host (link: and (link: for emergency security maintenance - estimated downtime is several hours. More updates as we have them.

the security maintenance is to address issues with (link:'s production infrastructure. This is not a Synapse issue.

Update from birdsite:

In terms of the incident itself, we will publish an update shortly. Summary is: an attacker accessed the production infra that runs hence the rebuild. Source code & packages are unaffected. We do not think user data was targeted, but are playing it safe.


We are almost at the point of getting things turned back on; websites, databases, synapse, LBs, etc are ready to go. Just sorting final networking issues between them. Thank you for your patience, and apologies for the massive disruption...

Kudos to matrix for being transparent about exactly what happened. It's a refreshing change of pace from the likes of Facebook.

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