More progress, just in time for the This Week In Matrix deadline (will post article later).

I started implementing matrix-js-sdk, which can already authenticate, and display m.text and m.image events in your rooms :)

try it at:

Did some dev after positive reactions on my post yesterday.
There's now m.image support and proper HTML sanitization

just shipped my first two orders, we sold some addons at costprice.
Still an interesting feel

It's an addon that rotates and multiplies the (shitty) addon connector on hacker badges

it has occured to me there's one more Mastodon character limit I have to break on my instance.

Really love these watchtowers, fun to hang out in. There's three pairs of two, and for every pair only one of them has a staircase and floor

sneak preview, my failed Split-S (didn't have enough height)

cw: jarring video, transmission artifacts

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it's like they specifically designed this tube light to not fit an STM32 bluepill

as predicted earlier. No matter how early you wake up, the cat will too, and ask for snacc

oof my desk is a mess, but things are working :O

Modded my new Emax Tinyhawk with a FlySky receiver and longer battery leads

Also got a boring white led tube light, which needs some rgb. Similar to

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