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Whoever came up with the idea that people tell the truth when they drink has obviously never met me when it's 5am and I'm passionately trying to convince some guy that Sting bought a castle in Ireland but it doesn't have indoor plumbing so he has to shit in the moat

Rendering now :3
Need to figure out the easiest way to offload rendering to my beefier server, instead of letting my poor laptop do all the crunching

lmao the Kdenlive (video editor) documentation:
"You can set guides in your project that establish zones. You then can generate rendering scripts that will export these zones at a later date, during your sleep, or while you hunt and find food."

What's the easiest way to change the mastodon character limit?

"Do your part" energy conservation plans, like turning lights off when you leave the room, are great for your energy bill, but their job as part of "lowering carbon footprints" is to deflect from the big corporations that actually use the vast majority of the power.

For example, the average US stand-alone home uses ~11,000 kWh per year.

The VERY MOST EFFICIENT roadside LED billboard uses ~61,000 kWh per year. That number rises to ~323,000 kWh at the top end.

Im splicin' and dicin' my quadcopter footage so it flows really well with a song, this gonna be good :P

instance suspension, violent queerphobia Show more was evicted this week :/

Heres a documentary with english subtitles from AT5 about ADM called 'The lost free state'

#adm #amsterdam

Since I migrated to mastodon on the same domain, I had to change username to make this work, so it's @foks now instead of @f0x


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