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and having the page open just sloowly raises my memory useage, oof

Somehow I expected iframes to stop infinite recursion...

turns out Firefox doesn't care. Chromium will only load the first iframe

ugh, LUKS encrypted swap is the worst. When my laptop runs out of resources, it doesn't have any resources to do the swap, so it just freezes....
usually it'll eventually come back but it really fucks with my workflow :(

gnight Fediverse

if you're lonely tonight, remember there's someone out there for everyone. yes, even you, person who's reading this and scoffing. there is and has been. ever since the Ritual.

they are your dark shadow, your own personal nemesis, and they are coming for you. be the best person you can be and you might have a sliver of a chance when they find you. *might*.

anyway sleep tight sweeties 🌙

fighting morning people by just becoming a more morning person than them and waking at 4AM

Dear folks! If You know about any #blind person, who uses #Matrix or is thinking about trying it despite all existing difficulties with #Accessibility, I set up a room now to exchange ideas and help each other around. You can find it at #spreadtheword #Riot

Almost done redesigning my site!
Only thing left to do now is port my old blog pages, and deploying :D

can't wait till the word lifehack actually means hacking your life

Just set up Dehydrated for one of my domains where certbot messed up the config beyond salvation, works really well :)

Blasting the Inception Soundtrack at full volume in hopes of getting some funky dreams when I do eventually sleep

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I love the look of putting RGB leds in all my shit, however the tradeoff is both liking and disliking the interaction it (can) bring(s)

Really furthering all the hacker stereotypes on the bus rn.
Scooter with rgb underlights, full of stickers, two empty club mate bottles on my bag, dressed in all black

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