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Hey I'm doing a reintroduction since new instance and new name.
Here is a list of adjectives and words which describe me:

Anarchist :ancom:
Girl :ms_lesbian_flag:
Vegan (but not "white-vegan") :vegan:
Atheist Jew (Jewish Athest?) โœก๏ธ
Emacs "Evangelist" :emacs:
Free Software Advocate
Online Privacy Advocate :crt_w_prompt:
Solarpunk ๐Ÿƒ
Bi and Trans
Programmer :haskell: :scala: :c_language:
Intersectionalist ally

are there poisonous grains? like, to make bread from?

@anna hmmm, you know I already made an entire thread pointing out why the Russian revolution was a total failure, a thread on why Maoism is a revisionist opportunism, I guess I *do* need one on the DPRK too, thanks Anna!

can i email twitch staff asking if im allowed to play hentai minesweeper

some days life feels like too much to handle so donโ€™t feel guilty for just doing the bare minimum possible to get through it

the Superdrags trailer gets a big fuckin yikes

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i just remember last night apart of my dream was the scooby doo gang and serveral characters from naruto like sasuke and naruto himself and like sakura playing a game of tennis but it was like the final match of an intense world championship or smthn and there was like over exaggerated anime style hits and the ball went so fast but the scooby gang won

Aspec exclusion isn't compatible with anarchism.
Denial of non-binary identity isn't compatible with anarchism.
Bi and pan erasure isn't compatible with anarchism.

Exclusionism isn't anarchist.

Iโ€™m trying to learn how to draw on paper again and I asked the vc what I should draw, they suggested โ€œkirby smoking a fat oneโ€

so here it is

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All of you are guilty. None of you are free from weeaboo

also we only have 1.4G of custom emojos

this is unacceptable

we need more emojos

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*stands up at a restaurant* hi everybody!!! hey whats up everyone!!!!!!! having a good night???? right on, right on..! alright now that i have your attention who wants to hear my opinion


hey y'all,,,

I really hate asking for money, and I hate being unable to support myself, but,,,

My bank account went from "barely but safely above 0" to "$80.00 negative" in the span of a weekend, due to circumstances completely beyond my control. I don't need to have very much money -- I'm on a meal plan, I'm not gonna starve -- but I do need my account to not be red!

Here's my ko-fi link, if you have a few dollars to spare I'd really appreciate it!!


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