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Hey I'm doing a reintroduction since new instance and new name.
Here is a list of adjectives and words which describe me:

Anarchist :ancom:
Girl :ms_lesbian_flag:
Vegan (but not "white-vegan") :vegan:
Atheist Jew (Jewish Athest?) โœก๏ธ
Emacs "Evangelist" :emacs:
Free Software Advocate
Online Privacy Advocate :crt_w_prompt:
Solarpunk ๐Ÿƒ
Bi and Trans
Programmer :haskell: :scala: :c_language:
Intersectionalist ally

Explaining to other people what monads are even though I don't understand what they are and having my explanations verified by people who supposedly understand what monads are as part of an elaborate joke

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All plugged in with nowhere to go
no algorithm to guide me
no content to show

More progress, just in time for the This Week In Matrix deadline (will post article later).

I started implementing matrix-js-sdk, which can already authenticate, and display m.text and m.image events in your rooms :)

try it at:

Contrary to popular belief, you CAN bottle 'white guilt', and it DOES kill stains better than the leading cleaning brands.

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I'm reading about a Baltimore fire in 1904, that was so big that firefighters from D.C., NYC, Harrisburg, and Philly were called.

But when they got there, they found that their hoses couldn't connect to any of the Baltimore hydrants.

Because there was no industry standardization on threads, fittings, couplings, etc. Because every company wanted their product to become the standard.

So they watched the city burn for a while.

Capitalism fetishists will never mention these stories, of course.

pwease... in like a month or maybe 2 if it doesn't really work i'm gonna overwrite the following list on this one and i won't be following as many people... signal boosts r also very appreciated cause i dont wanna unfollow too many people and be a meanie bigleague asshole

[PRINCIPAL]: *suddenly walks into room* "Hey, can I--what the--"

[ME, THE TEACHER]: *pulls down projection screen to cover the board real fast* "--yes?"

[PRIN.]: "Did that say "profit is the unpaid wages of labor?""

[ONE OF MY STUDENTS]: "What's it matter to you, pig?" *entire class starts making oinking noises at principal*

goals today are to kill god and suck my girlfriend's dick

*me, shuffling papers, organizing, and formatting work instead of doing it until the day right before it's due*

"It's not procrastination, it's lazy evaluation."

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