imagine doing this with LISP and just having parenthesis pile up at the ends of lines

@lunaterra 100% chance this was written by a pythonista
Look like a Python programmer having a crisis with Java
@Epsiloco @lunaterra exactly

i know a pythoner that writes C like this:

if (condition) {
doOtherThing(); }
@Epsiloco @lunaterra aahhh tusky stripped the indents on the last two lines

Oh no why...

This is why I'm against learning Python as a first language

I stand by what I said :blobuwu: . Some peeps learn better, some don't.

@lunaterra What... the...
This is horrifying! Who in the world would write code like this...

@lunaterra this is how my c++ professor writes code for his tutorials and I die inside every day

@lunaterra I haven't written a line of code in nearly twenty years and I still recoiled from this

@lunaterra It's quite readable. But it's probably done with some kind of beautifier. If you change anything the alignment is gone, and the indentation is completely disconnected from the brackets.

@lunaterra Why don't we skip the brackets and use indentation for block annotation?

@lunaterra I' seen it, but Haskell enthusiasm seems to be about doing things as cryptic as possible. So I've switched to looking into Erlang (they seem to be more about getting things done in real life)

@lunaterra *wipes a single tear from the corner of my eye* it's so..... pythonic~

@lunaterra I love it.

Gonna write a Emacs mode to automatically indent code this way, one day.

@lunaterra i don't even code anymore and im so disgusted by this... who does this to themselves and others....

@lunaterra brace yourself. I think that must be some kind of python extremist

@lunaterra it took me a moment to see it bit them once I saw it I...

Well, it makes a bit of sense. Putting all the brackets along one side makes it really easy to check to make sure you're not missing any.

@lunaterra honestly this is totally legible and quite creative

@Aleums @lunaterra it's somewhat readable after.... a lot of getting used to having your eyes jump from one side of the editor to the other, as long as your code isn't too horizontal like in this example. but if you ever have to nest more than three loops, or if you have some kind of string that's more than a couple words, suddenly every line in your code is hundreds of characters wide. and don't even think about editing your code after formatting it this way

@woomy @lunaterra As someone else mentioned, I'm sure this formatting is done automatically with a linter of some sort. And if you're used to python-style formatting, all the syntax you need to read the code is in the line breaks and the indents. If there's still any ambiguity, comments should clear it up.
That said, stubbornly refusing to get used to another language's syntax is definitely bad practice, especially if you're doing this much work to avoid doing so.

@lunaterra @cwebber That’s the most aberrant type of python envy I have ever seen.

Suddenly Java & friends look like Python! Love it! 🐍😁

@lunaterra A friend of mine posted that image (possibly originally!) under "The tabs-vs-spaces argument is a red herring" but the tweet is gone now... Maybe he was terrified of starting something.

@lunaterra Ça ressemble à du python du coup, c'est parfaitement lisible par contre à modifier... 😅

@lunaterra Wat. That's just wannabe Python. Nothing wrong with this 😶

@lunaterra it looked GREAT until I saw the braces. very pythonic xD

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