Buying and drinking bottled water when you have access to safe tap water is rich white people bullshit that enables the fucking monstrous corporations that are privatizing previously public water supplies in poorer places.

Fucking get over yourself and just drink normal water if it doesn't have fucking heavy metals in it

@lunaterra I mean, even if it does just drincc that shit

it's what they deserve

@lunaterra basic charcoal filters do a pretty decent job of normalizing taste if thats the issue too :/

@lunaterra Though, bringing a case of water bottles out to a party in the desert to share is just being a good person imo, but thats not exactly a like, normal situation

@IrisKalmia yeah. I was just thinking about how my grandparents order motherfucking boxes of bottled water on amazon and only drink that when they have perfectly good access to their already bourgie-ass filtered water from the fridge faucet.

Don't even get me started about the fuckinh paper towels too. Holy shit

@lunaterra uuuugh.

The idea of just, that, is mind boggling

@IrisKalmia @lunaterra even then, you can get a water keg of some kind and fill it at home. there is *no reason* to buy bottled water if your tap water is okay to drink.

@lyliawisteria @lunaterra This is workable but doesn't line up perfectly to the use case.

For one, the fact I can hand someone a sealed item is helpful from a food safety standpoint.

For another I'm probably not intending to see them again, so I'd rather not leave a water bottle I liked in their care, and giving them a disposable cup doesn't spare that much plastic while increasingly the footprint of what I'm keeping on my person.

@IrisKalmia the obvious solution is just a human-sized hamster feeder

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@lyliawisteria In the desert I've seen people bring watercoolers and cups to leave by their car, which is pretty cool.

Now I want to rant about assholes not taking care of their own trash, but thats just tangential.

@IrisKalmia @lunaterra people can bring their own water bottle. there's no food safety problem with transporting water and then putting some in a bottle.

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@lunaterra Another thing which irritated me recently is seeing rich people in SUVs having their vehicles hand-washed. I'd never seen that before, because automated carwashes have been around for decades.

I don't particularly begrudge the workers but it's very obviously a class thing because none of the vehicles looked like they belonged to average income people.

@bob yeah "hand-washed" has become the "grass-fed" of car washes for rich people

@bob @lunaterra I hadn't thought about it through that prism. Yeah, it's fucking rude.

We have a shitty old car that I try not to use, and it's been properly washed about 3 times in 12 years. I sometimes get bird crap off the windows. Modern cars don't need washing, it's just taking pride in consumer goods.

@lunaterra I drink tap water, absolutely nothing wrong with it. I’d only buy a bottle of water if I was out and about due to a chronic lack of drinking fountains

@lunaterra god the "Fiji" "Water" advertisements with the child voice actor piss me off so much

"the purest water", "untouched by man"

jesus christ, first of all yes it was touched by man, let's get that out of the way

second, the water out of my reverse-osmosis filter at home is literally several orders of magnitude more pure than that pathetic bourgeois excuse for "water", and doesn't cost an arm and a leg and a planet filled with plastic waste

@lunaterra not to mention using gendered term to refer to the entire human race in $CURRENT_YEAR

I can't even count everything wrong with this shit

@lunaterra too much fluoride in the tap water, drink Diet Cocke instead
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